A modern de materia medica exploring the use of plants as remedial agents in a holistic approach to strengthening our body's ability to heal itself.


modern herbalist resources

a modern herbal | MAude Greive
herbal healing for women | rosemary gladstar
common herbs for natural health | juliette de bairacli levy

herbs (dried)
mountain rose herbs | www.mountainroseherbs.com
starwest botanicals | www. starwest-botanicals.com

herbs (plants for growing)
the grower's exchange | www.thegrower's-exchange.com
companion plants | www.companionplants.com

just a little note to say: this is not intended to be used as medical treatments and all herbs re to be used at one's own risk. be responsible for your own health, taking into account any existing medical conditions, supplements, and medications and doing your own research before using herbal remedies. take heed:  some plants don't play nice with others.