seeing through section

Slicing through objects, spaces, and moments, the course explores the “architectural sketch” as a method of representation that is both gestured and measured, observational yet generative, light and quick but penetrative and studied. Each week focuses on a charette, or “sketch”, that investigates what it means to see through section. We will cultivate our abilities to clearly express ourselves through the rigorous practice of crafting and fulfilling an idea through each “section”. The weekly “sections” are an introduction to architectural representation and architectural conventions, but take an exploratory format expanding to incorporate various media and forms in which each student can challenge their understanding of architectural section within their own disciplines. The 6 weekly “sketches” are collated into a personal portfolio / sketchbook that form a representative body of work for each student at the end of the course.

2012 // Graduate Instructor of Record
co-taught with Jue Gu
Rhode Island School of Design

Christina Herman
Colin Wiencek
Daniel Rejto Blaustein
Jaena Kim
Kawther Fakhra
Martin Hojny
Minsang Kang
Prashast Thapan
Regina (Yeonsoo) Kang
Richard Watson
Yoo Jin Jang

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