Recipe - Hoshigaki

Hoshigaki (dried persimmons)

Following a slow traditional drying process, fuyu persimmons transform into compact delicious packages of natural sugary crust with a jammy sweet interior. These hoshigaki are a prized holiday treat in Japan. 


        fuyu persimmons with stem remaining
        hemp or cotton string cut into ~12” lengths
        hanging structure, such as a branch or length of scrap lumber

  1. Using a small paring knife or vegetable peeler, carefully remove the skin from persimmon leaving the leaves and stem attached. repeat for each persimmon you wish to dry.
  2. Pair up the persimmons to matching size, and tie the end of each 12” length of string to the stem of one persimmon in the pair. 
  3. Hang the persimmons across your hanging structure so they balance each other. Repeat with other persimmons.
  4. Allow persimmons to hang for 3-4 weeks, gently massaging them once a week to distribute the sugar in the fruit.
  5. At the end of one month, remove twine and store them in a covered container, such as a glass jar with lid, or sealed plastic bag.
  6. The fuyu will have shrunk considerably and darkened into a deep amber color. They will be soft in the center when you bite into them.
  7. Hoshigaki are a reward to eat, but even greater shared!