What happens between the laying of the brick and the laying of the lead/ink? Lines, drawn and built, traverse the distance between the two materials and their processes. These construction lines are the supporting structure (scaffolding) that negotiates the in between the construct in paper and the construct in brick. They delineate an experimental space to tease out the ways that drawing and construction are conflated. The scaffolding intervenes in this ambiguous space and holds these parallel worlds together - simultaneously measuring and collapsing that distance. In this way, it becomes both prosthetic and orthopaedic (in the Lacanian sense). It allows for the extension and the reflection, and hence identification, of the body within the architecture.  The scaffolding is also a ritualistic preparation of the ground: the site for drawing & constructing. Within the scaffolding, the architect must negotiate the desires in the drawing, the virtual world, with the pragmatics of the making in the real world. Issues of site, physical, social and contextual boundaries will face each act of building. The project has to mediate space for both the paper and the brick.

2012 // professor David Gersten
Rhode Island School of Design

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