Between the body and the universe is a scaffold, a constructed space that reaches for the immeasureable.

For many, negotiating this space between our selves and the world is enacted through building. Building can be both an act and the evidence of an act. Architecture often claims only the material artifact – the evidence left behind by the act. My interest lies in the investigation of the act itself, along with its temporal constructions—drawings, models, and scaffolding— in creating a space that the architect inhabits.  Normally thought of as the residual constituents of the act, these temporal constructions are rarely shown and resultingly, uninhabitable by others. I approach these frames as a search for this place within the architect’s work where others can inhabit the temporal spaces of the language of construction—from the conception of a space as a word to the material artifact. Each frame is intended as a point of entry, a threshold into the work.

2012 // professor David Gersten
Rhode Island School of Design

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