waves: light & sound

Drawing from an architectural concept of vessels (space holding waves of light, sound, and energy), this artist-teaching residency explores the interaction of waves in multiple mediums with the teachers and students at Taconic Hills Elementary School in Craryville, NY. The approach takes on core standards for science and maths for 1st graders, through the lens of art and design. Tuning into the 2-week interval structure of the course, time is given for ideas to percolate until the next session and return (like a wave) to concepts introduced previously, building upon them until the last meeting. The whole project is intended to flow as a cohesive exploration spread over the 6 sessions where materials, actions, processes are revisited, repeated, developed and/or transformed in later sessions. 

2019 // Teaching Artist in Residency
Arts Integration Initiative
Art OMI & Ellsworth Kelly Foundation

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