Design+build of a growing space for New Urban Farmers in Pawtucket. The farm shelter to give warmth and protection from the elements, is also conceived as a ground for meeting, a bed in the garden to rest and think, a place to plan for the future. The design called for repurposed materials from the surrounding city. Building from stories and discoveries found in its making, its process acknowledges the time and care of many hands which played a role in raising it (literally lifting it off the ground and re placing it where it best fit for the garden as a threshold between the farm and the community). The simple turning of the cladding literally turns a new leaf— creating openings that allow light and air into the once closed-off shed. The design and construction was equally shared in collaboration, credit for individual work is noted. 

2011 // critic Anastasia Congdon
completed for New Urban Farmers in collaboration with Jue Gu
Rhode Island School of Design

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